Customer satisfaction survey results 2017

At the end of last year, we asked our clients to give us again their opinion about the way we manage the quality, the product quality and their opinion about the value we contribute to them day-to-day.  We would like to thank all customers which have taken part in the survey, having contributed with a really valuable information, comments and suggestions.

We have received responses of 28 customers which exceed together more than 60% of annual sales.

It should be stressed that all the factors evaluated improve compared to 2015 results, grouped into the three areas of the survey.

(valuations from 1 up to 5)

Area 2017 2015
Value contribution 4,10 3,86
Service quality 4,24 4,08
Product Quality and reliability 4,23 4,01
TOTAL 4,18 4,09

It is important to point out those factors with better scores

  • Knowledge and technical solutions (4,36)
  • Customer Service (4,43)
  • Dialogue with the client (4,39)

And the answers of the survey questions of the area of Quality of Product.

Congratulations to fund. Bereciartu team and Thanks to our clients