Throughout the various stages of R&D, Fundiciones Bereciartu works with several technological institutes, which provide support for the applied study of processes, as well as the development of R&D projects.

For the purposes of R&D, testing and product and process analysis, one of the partnerships that Fundiciones Bereciartu has established is with AZTERLAN, a technology centre that is a member of the IK4 alliance and specialises in metallurgy. It focuses primarily on research, development and innovation which is generally geared towards the metalworking industry, and it works closely with the R&D departments of companies.

With regards to materials and joining technologies such as welding, Fundiciones Bereciartu benefits from the guidance and assistance of LORTEK, a technology centre that belongs to the IK4 alliance. The centre is clearly innovative in nature and has a wealth of experience in joining technologies, as well as being famed for offering advanced, applied and comprehensive solutions.

Fundiciones Bereciartu is a member of the FEAF (Spanish Federation of Foundry Associations) and the AFV (Foundry Association of the Basque Country and Navarre).