During the development stage of each project and casting and following the specifications given by the Client, Fundiciones BERECIARTU pays special attention to the casting design and process stages, as well as creating various customer value propositions.

In addition, a prototyping process is normally carried out so as to verify and validate the dimensions and cleanliness of the casting, as well as mechanical tests.

Requirements specified by the Client

  • Steel properties.
  • Dimensions: casting plans, machining plans, others.
  • Criteria for inspection, control and testing. Acceptance criteria and regulations.
  • Requirements which have not been specified by the client, but are recommended in order to optimise design and manufacturing.

Analysis and proposals are passed to the Client

  • Simulations for casting and solidification.
  • Steel properties, heat treatments and testing, dimensional proposals (growth, tolerance, etc.), process proposals (casting, machining, others), other processes.
  • Proposal for the design, prototype and production stages.
  • Planning.

The Client defines the final specification

The casting pattern is made

Manufacturing and validation of prototypes  through dimension checks, inspections into the cleanliness of the casting and mechanical testing.